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Once a domain name is registered, who is the legal registrant of the domain name?

When a domain name is registered, the "registrant" contracts the use of the domain name.  However, there is no permanent registrant for any domain name.  The "registrant" of a domain name is the original contact listed under Organization Using Domain Name (Registrant) at the time of registration, regardless of whether the other contact information has been changed since that time. It the Organization field is left blank, then the owner is assumed to be the individual listed under the Registrant Name field.

Please note that the Administrative contact is not automatically the registrant. Nic AG recognizes the registrant as the final authority on a domain name, so please make sure that you have entered the correct registrant information at the time of registration. Changing a registrant associated with a domain name is a longer and more involved process and requires fax authorization.

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