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How do I transfer a domain name from one Registrar to another?

To transfer a domain name from one registrar to another, you will need the AUTH CODE for the domain name.

To transfer a domain name to your online account with Nic AG, first obtain the AUTH CODE from the existing Registrar that sponsors the domain name.

Log into the domain name management system

Click on Order
Click on Transfer Domain
Type in Domain name in input box
Click on Check Availability

Click Add to Cart
Enter EPP Code (obtain this from current Registrar)

(Tick on DNS Management if required; Tick on Email Forwarding if required
Leave Default Nameservers in input fields for the above to work)

If you will provide your own DNS,
Enter each nameserver in the input fields provided
Click on Update Cart

Follow usual procedures for Checkout

To Transfer a domain name to another registrar from your online domain name management account, you will need to provide the new registrar with the AUTH CODE.

To obtain EPP AUTH CODE:

Log In
Click on My Domains
You will see a list of domain names with Registration Date, Domain Name, Next Due Date, and a Domain Details Icon (Green Arrow on right)
Click on the Domain Details Icon on the right of the domain name you wish to obtain the EPP Auth Code
You will be presented details of the domain name, including expiration date, and nameservers.

Click on Get EPP code button at the bottom of the webpage.


If the losing Registrar does not provide a valid AUTH CODE, then you will need to contact the Registry to request further assistance. Note the automated Registry provides a 5-day Transfer Grace Period that allows a losing Registrar to Authorize or Deny the request for Transfer.

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