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How do I register a DNS (Domain Name Server) on the Internet?

In the same way that a domain name must be registered with a central Registry to be recognized on the Internet, Domain Name Servers (DNS) must also be registered with a central Registry.  Nic AG register ONLY .AG and .LC nameservers. To register a nameserver, please contact the Registry for the domain name of the server that you wish to register. For example, to register a .com, .net, .org nameserver, contact Network Solutions. To register a ccTLD nameserver, contact the ccTLD registry.

Note that a nameserver can only be registered after its parent domain name is registered, and after it is already set up and active on the Internet (i.e. available via its IP address).

For example, you have a domain name called, and you wish to have a nameserver (or HOST) called registered within the .AG Registry. You would set up the nameserver with a valid Internet available IP address, and make sure that it is reachable by IP address on the Internet via a browser.

Note:  You must actually have a DNS in operation at a dedicated and unique IP Address in order for the DNS server registration to be completed.


Here are the steps:

(1) Log into your Nic AG domain name management account.

(2) Go to your client area if you are not there.

(3) Click on My Domains,

(4) Select the parent domain name that you wish to register a host for.

(5) At the bottom right hand, click on Register Nameservers.

(6) Enter the host name in the left box.

(7) Enter the IP address of the host in the second box.

(8) Click on Register Nameserver.

(9) Repeat as necessary the register other hosts for this domain name.


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