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Article Do I need to sign up for an email account to receive email at my new domain name?
Yes.  In order to receive email at your domain name, you must sign up for email services in...
Views: 1725
Article Do you support email forwarding?
Yes. The Registry fully supports email forwarding.  Nic AG also provides email forwarding...
Views: 1516
Article How do I access my emails?
There are two main ways to access emails on our hosting platform.   The first method is to...
Views: 1406
Article How do I change my MX record settings to specify the mail servers that will be responsible for email distribution for my domain name?
MX Record entries specify the Email Servers that are responsible for distributing email for your...
Views: 1847
Article How do I forward emails?
Forwarding emails involves two separate steps. First, you will need to change the DNS for the...
Views: 1527
Article How do I set up email accounts with my email services account?
First log into your site administrator area, which is (or,...
Views: 1609
Article Is an email account included with my domain name registration?
No. For information on signing up for email accounts, please request website hosting services...
Views: 1457
Article What is an email account?
An email account allows you to send and receive electronic mail (email) messages through an...
Views: 1560
Article What is an MX Record?
An MX Record, or Mail Exchange record, is a section of a domain name's zone file (a Name Server...
Views: 1473
Article Where can I sign up for an email account for my new domain name?
For information on signing up for email accounts, please request website hosting services from...
Views: 1598


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