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Article Do I have to have my WHOIS information included in the licensed data?
If you do not contact Nic AG to request otherwise, you will be automatically included in having...
Views: 2618
Article If I choose to have my WHOIS information licensed, can I change my mind later?
Yes, you can decide to have your WHOIS removed from the licensed data file at any time by...
Views: 2584
Article What if I do not agree with Nic AG's Privacy Notice?
By visiting our Web site or otherwise interacting with Nic AG, you agree to accept the practices...
Views: 2538
Article Where can I view Nic AG's Privacy Notice?
To view Nic AG's Privacy Notice, click here.  The Privacy Notice includes information...
Views: 2521
Article Why is Nic AG required to license their WHOIS information to third parties?
As an ICANN supported registry, Nic AG is required to create and maintain a WHOIS record for each...
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