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Article .AG and .LC Host Registration
Registering a HOST involves the same steps as registering a domain nameserver. Please see...
Views: 3578
Article Do I need to own or register a DNS server?
You do not need to register or own your own DNS (Domain Name Server) in order to register a...
Views: 3059
Article Do you support domain name forwarding?
Yes. Nic AG Registrar division fully supports domain name forwarding.  Nic AG also provides free...
Views: 3087
Article How do I change or 'connect' my domain name to an IP Address of a server?
Your web hosting company or ISP will provide you with the appropriate DNS server name and IP...
Views: 3513
Article How do I change the DNS for my domain name?
Changing the DNS associated with your domain name can be done by simply logging into our...
Views: 3245
Article How do I change the IP address of a .AG or .LC nameserver?
The IP address of a registered .AG or .LC nameserver can be changed by the manager of that...
Views: 3236
Article How do I change the IP address of my domain name?
You cannot change the IP address of your domain name within the .AG or .LC Registry, as this is...
Views: 3054
Article How do I forward a domain name?
Forwarding a domain name involves two separate steps. First, you will need to change the DNS for...
Views: 3281
Article How do I register a DNS (Domain Name Server) on the Internet?
In the same way that a domain name must be registered with a central Registry to be recognized on...
Views: 6701
Article If I sign up for web hosting services, will I need to change the DNS servers listed as authoritative for my domain name?
Web Hosting companies may require that you change your DNS Information when you contract web...
Views: 3793
Article Understanding DNS and DNS Records
Understanding DNS RecordsDNS (Domain Name System), is the service which translates between...
Views: 11082
Article What DNS servers are currently listed as authoritative for my domain name?
Upon registering your domain name, you should either have listed the correct primary and...
Views: 3280
Article What is a DNS (Domain Name Server)?
A DNS (Domain Name Server) is a computer connected to the Internet that is responsible for...
Views: 3034
Article What is an IP Address?
An IP Address is a numerical address on the Internet, which allows you to locate a specific...
Views: 2961


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