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Article Deletion Grace Period
A deleted domain name is not automatically removed from the Registry immediately upon deletion....
Views: 2721
Article Redemption Grace Period (RGP)
DELETED domain names are automatically kept in the Registry system for 30 days after the deletion...
Views: 3063
Article Registration (Add) Grace Period
Registration Grace Period. This period is currently set for 5 days in both .AG and .LC...
Views: 2697
Article Renewal Grace Period
Renewal Grace Period. This is currently set for 45 days. Domain name automatically renew...
Views: 2692
Article Transfer Grace Period
Transfers between Registrars automatically occur after 5 days if not explicitly denied by the...
Views: 3212
Article Transfer Prohibited Time Periods
The Transfer Prohibited time period is currently set to 60 days, during which time a domain name...
Views: 2723


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